Online Giving

"Life gets busy." " It's hectic enough to get out the door on Sunday morning."  "Who writes checks anymore?"  Whatever the reason, we offer online giving to make it easier for you.  Christ UMC offers electronic giving as a way to automate your regular weekly offering. Electronic giving offers convenience for individual congregation members and provides much-needed donation consistency for our congregation. Giving allows you to come to our website at any time to set up an automatic donation plan, change your donation plan, make a one-time donation or view your online donation history. As you contemplate future contributions, please consider electronic giving. Authorization forms and additional information are available from the church office. 

mobile Giving

CUMC is adding a new method to make giving remotely even more convenient—Mobile Giving. It is an easy, secure way to donate at any time from any place.

To Begin: Download the FREE “GivePlus Church” app on your Apple or Android device

To Use This Method Just Once:

1) Enter the church name or zip code or tap “Find churches near me” and select CUMC, 

     (be sure it is our CUMC in Lansdale, PA !!)

2) Select “Give Now”.

3) Choose a fund, frequency and starting donation date.

4) Select a preset amount or enter another desired amount. Tap “Add”

5) Tap the + to donate to another fund or “Next” to move on to the payment information.

6) Enter your checking or savings account information.

7) Review your donation summary, and then select Complete Donation.

To Use This Method Repeatedly:

1) If you have already set up a profile on the church’s donation page to donate electronically, log in with your email and password. Proceed as above.

2) If you have not yet set up a profile on the church’s donation page to donate electronically, create an account with an email address and password.

Please Note: Having an account will allow you to review past donations, edit scheduled donations or update/add payment methods.