gift card Program

Gift Cards are available at our Hospitality Desk on Sunday mornings or orders can be placed to the Office by Wednesday for Thursday/Sunday pick up.

For those of you that don’t know about our Gift Card program, we sell about 30 different gift cards (grocery stores, Kohl’s, CVS, Starbucks, Amazon, Lowe's, Walmart and much more) in the lobby after the first service and before and after second service or you can order them through the church office with the form on our website. A full list of gift cards is taped to the desk in the lobby and it is on our website found under “GIFT CARD PROGRAM”. The gift cards are sold at face value, but our church buys them for about 5% discount and 25% discount from Lansdale Meat Market and Wawa hoagies. We have been selling the gift cards since 1999 and use the proceeds to pay extra principle payment on our church mortgage. Since we started selling the gift cards, we have paid down the principal on the mortgage by $123,000 which equates to at least $150,000 savings. For several years now, we have been making $3000-$6000 extra principle payments a year. 

We hope that more people can get involved in this “painless” form of giving by purchasing the gift cards all year long. 

**NEW** to our list is Bed, Bath & Beyond ($25) Under Retail/Clothing Stores.

Order From to print.

All earnings from the sale of Grocery and Gift Cards are applied against our church mortgage principle. 

  • Dave & Buster’s  ($25)

  • Regal Movie Theaters  ($25)