Below are our upcoming events and any active event signups.  Our special upcoming events are at the top in date order and you can find our recurring monthly events down further.  Check back often as these will change frequently.  

  • Grief share

    GriefShare will resume in person September 15th, 2021 . It runs for 13 weeks, every Wednesday, from 2:00-4:00 PM. Please click here to register. Any questions, contact Marge Kramer at marge.kramer@cumclansdale.org.

  • Susanna Wesley Circle

    The Susanna Wesley Circle will meet again in September.  Stay tuned for more information.  Questions can be directed to Suzanne Williams (slwmusic@gmail.com).  

    New friends are welcome!

  • 14th annual jim hayes memorial golf outing

    Save the date: June 5, 2021. All are welcome! We will be playing at Mainland Golf Course. Because of COVID, we will play golf but not have the indoor fellowship or prizes. Last year some people did safely spend time together in the parking lot after golf. It is still fun to get out and golf. We will be playing a Scramble this year, always enjoyable. Our Church Pre-School Scholarships will be the charity again this year.  

    The first tee time will be about 8:30 AM. The fee for golf is $60. If you have a suggestion, or a question, please contact Don Albacker at (215) 692-2958 or dalbacker@jclfg.com. To sign up, email Don Albacker.